Left Oeuvres

by jon simpson

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vs 1: it's 3am and i can't sleep anymore my head, a storm of memories i found myself in my great-grandfather's land a place that i'd not planned to be, but ch: you were waiting there for me you were waiting there for me yes, you were waiting there for me thank you for waiting for me vs 2: i fell in love as you moved upon my heart your spirit dancing in between the lives of songs and daughters chasing after you of ones i'd only just to meet, and ch br: the hardest hour, well it came too late for tears my weeping dried them days before but as the outside world went into free spin you brought a still pointe to the war, 'cause ch x2 Jon Simpson © 2013 BugNog Music (ASCAP)
vs 1: entropy, entropy, all is in entropy a wheel with a broken spoke tumbling toward destiny entropy, entropy apathy, apathy, hearts filled with apathy abstained from the vote in a silent majority apathy, apathy ch 1: and this world still spins round and round and the lost soul still longs to be found we're courting with chaos and don't care at all oh entropy, apathy consumed by the fall vs 2: the everyman seeks to fulfill every longing tasting each vintage for what satisfies while deluding himself, thinking peace is in comfort that salvation could come without true sacrifice ch 2: and this world still spins round and round and the lost soul still longs to be found we're following footsteps of failed grand designs through entropy and apathy do the blind lead the blind br: but even in troubled times the breadcrumbs still lead from the path that is wide while love breaks the atmosphere to show a new way with hope for tomorrow and strength for today ch 3: and this world still spins round and round and the lost soul still longs to be found will we ever be rid of the curse of this plague oh entropy, apathy can't wash it away Jon Simpson © 2013 BugNog Music (ASCAP)
vs 1: disappearing one two worlds have come together and from that moment on our passage linked forever oh bird on wounded wing so failed yet not forsaken what life of mystery has left you lost and shaken? pre 1: don't you go fading and turn your eyes to stone i'm right here waiting, you're not on your own, you've got a home vs 2: bending by degrees with downcast mien, unblinking your own worst enemy may not be who you're thinking you've weathered all that's been in crowded isolation but i can just begin to heal your heart's starvation pre 2: i know you're wading into a sunlit high while anticipating some hell to rise and black the sky, with ch: head held down along the way know, my darling, come what may down roads familiar or unknown we never walk alone Jon Simpson © 2013 BugNog Music (ASCAP)
vs 1: before the moment i was born, you knew me all my days were open to your eyes every single breath i take, you give me you are my life vs 2: your shepherd voice has called me from the lowlands from the comfort of all i have known to steal away off to a mountain kingdom 'twill be my home pre: and if you're everything to me if you are everything to me ch: i don't want to offer anything that costs me nothing may everything i bring be a sacrifice of sorts though could ever anything that i might give be truly seen as loss when given to you, Lord? vs 3: you've set the path i'm meant to walk before me and suffering and sorrow as my guides with just a single word of call, you've promised you're at my side vs 4: and though the way is steep and i am fearful the seed of love you've planted spurs me on to heights where crippled feet and twisted visage will all be gone pre chorus x2 Jon Simpson © 2013 BugNog Music (ASCAP)
i've been working up the nerve for at least a year or two i think i'm finally at the point now where i'll send it on to you i've reached my limits how to say this, eloquence is not my strength so if the meaning still eludes you, we can talk it out at length i know in pointed conversations we run the risk of being cruel but neither you nor i are perfect so we'll just have to make due when our communication broke down something broke in me as well and the more i think about it, it's put me through a bit of hell, but ch: i was never at a place like i am right now and i'm praying that you are at this same place somehow so i've been working up the nerve to finally bring it up to you i'm not quite sure what came between us but this talk is overdue all the bridges that had spanned us, drawing lines between two broken lives have atrophied in isolation, begun the process to unwind and if i may have disappointed, i hope you'll travel to, in time a place for me to find forgiveness, a place for you as well in kind ch Jon Simpson © 2013 BugNog Music (ASCAP)


"Over the last few years, there have been several songs I've written that have carried great meaning for me, and yet didn't quite fit with the rest of the album that I was recording at the time. Some of these songs finally have a home with Left Oeuvres, finding as much commonality in their depth as diversity in their varied approches.

"You'll hear elements in Left Oeuvres that you'll have not heard from me previously, in addition to some familiar leanings as well. I hope you're able to find echos of yourself in these words and sounds."


released May 7, 2013

All songs written by Jon Simpson, © 2013 BugNog Music

Performed, produced, and recorded by Jon Simpson.

Additional recording, production, and performance on "Waiting for Me" and "Entropy/Apathy" by Tim Friesen.

Mixed by Tim Friesen with assistance by Jon Simpson.

Mastered by Josh Koterba at Ursa Major Sound.

Artwork by Small Farm Creative.


all rights reserved



jon simpson Atlanta, Georgia

singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist... lover of life, learning to live... have guitar, will travel...

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