Locusts - The Somnambulist Awakens

by jon simpson

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released December 16, 2016

Written, produced, performed, and recorded by Jon Simpson.
Additional guitar by Gino Quinn and Ben McBride.
Mixed by J. Hall.
Mastered by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters.
Artwork by Small Farm Creative.
Special thanks to Clay Parker for encouragement and conceptual assistance and contributions.

All songs published by BugNog Music (ASCAP)
© 2016 BugNog Music


all rights reserved



jon simpson Atlanta, Georgia

singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist... lover of life, learning to live... have guitar, will travel...

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Track Name: Emergence
has roused me to this state
from days uncounted in repose
this air so foul in taste
body gives in to birthing’s throes

hazy eyes, unfocused, burning
limbs unstretched, unused with time
atrophied and trembling
every movement strained

pulse once measured [and] regulated
lurches in arrhythmia
mind clouded and confused
now free of control

a stranger to my homeland
the known undone
how could this ever have been
Track Name: Storm
break the chains and do not sink
open your hearts to the suffering
stand, oh, stand, even as alone
courage to light the dark undone

injustice built into our walls
silence bought with creature comforts
weapons borne of privilege
make victim the helpless
conquest and abuse
the system: oppression

justice is now privatized
only for those who can buy it
law does not equal justice
and privileged power overrides law

one's value does
not change because
you cannot see
their worth;
wrong is sold as right
evil's shrewd veneer
the virus, welcomed
through how it appears

regard the weak
stand now

will our reign of terror end
on whom can the weak depend
we've sown a whirlwind
and the harvest has come
disaster is at the door

[these laws are not designed to guard the common man, but the regime from the violence of the marginalized and poor. evil has become fashion, the fortunate wearing the skins of the enslaved, walking on the backs of the oppressed.]

[meanwhile the privileged keep silent, soothed with the benefits of institutionalized injustice. any perceived threat to the artifice of fairness transforms humans into aggressors, all too quick to attack the ones most defenseless.]

[the progression is the same: first marginalized, then crushed into the earth. upon witnessing the unfortunate’s prostrated form, the right to trample them again is claimed, because the victim is already down.]

[when will we discover that our true nature is revealed in how we treat the weak? abuse and derision only give birth to itself.]

one's value does
not change because
you cannot see
their worth

break the chains and do not sink
bring light to the suffering
Track Name: Warmongers
our imaginations now have failed
this lie to which we are ensnared:
life is a property to defend
instead of beauty we must share
we kill each other
we kill our land
violence will be our end

there are no blessings for the warmonger
their swords will stab at their own hearts
trade your weapons
for water's balm
your ramparts are burning
choose instead détente

death lurks under
façades of peace
murder in both
mind and flesh are real
we cannot wash
blood from our hands
when it's our thoughts that
shoot on demand
offered to moloch
our progeny
and made bravado
our sanctuary
our mouths condemn us
o rest assured
(our) bodies will swing as
we hang on our every word

one humanity
under the gun
culture of death
for everyone

there are no blessings for the warmonger
our swords will stab at our own hearts
let's trade our weapons
for water's balm
our ramparts are burning
won't we choose détente?

where is the man of peace?
where is the man of peace?
where is the man of peace?
where is the man of peace?
Track Name: Flinch
maintain a distance
how can i hope to love
when you've only shown me
your pain
given me this wound
now what?
denial? depression with a deep rage?
here. it. comes again

no! retreat until it's done
scream! though no one ever hears
endure, endure
try to be strong but still i

what do you want me to say?
stay silent or give a response then
watch out! keep an eye on the hand
can't trust
don't care
still i know one thing:
it's me
that can make you break, oh

no! retreat until it's done
scream! though you never care
endure, endure
try to be strong but still, but still

endure, endure
i try, but still

the only touch that comes
the only hand that reaches out
is the one that causes pain
the excuse you give may speak of "love"
but the words that kill are what's been left unsaid
Track Name: Unsated
selfish, the heart
hunger-filled to the core
ravenous gluttons, we are
empty vice
illusion of life
all delight is gone

boredom and escape; what have we done?
if we are empty, what have we become?

a self-inflicted tear in
the soul of humanity, we
attempt to patch ourselves with
another shopping spree
our focus, hard, unflinching
straight-lined to those curves
pandora's box opened and
blessing turns curse

what have we begun?
feeding a need
that will not be denied
what have we become?

only the endless could fill us now
or self-medicate until we drown
grasping, using, never finding
always left unsatisfied
every move to soothe ourselves
results in frustration, intensified cravings for more

what have we become?
Track Name: Mind-Killer
everything around me stable
everything is in its place
all in my control and done at my own pace
every door and window locked tight
house alarm synched to my phone
weapon's loaded in case they come while i am home

navigation set to bypass
the neighborhood just to the east
color's changed, i'm sure that crime has now increased
news and politicians tell me
the threat is growing all the time
of plots to steal my freedom [and] take what's rightly mine

it's tiring chasing down this endless
insistence on security
thank god this chair fits where my spine once used to be
pulse is racing, trouble breathing
body's screaming fight or flee
strange, the stranger always becomes the enemy

frightened. yellow. prejudiced. humanity profaned
gutless. coward. intransigent. barricade in shame
desperate for deliverance. comfort sought birth to grave
yet this antithesis of peacefulness drives it ever more away

safety is superstition

all plans to keep from danger
are, in the end, no safer
than outright exposure
than complete disclosure

our acts of independence
are many tiny hinges
on a heavy entrance
to a life that's aimless

open your hand
see your own face
in every man
in every race
their blood is my blood
their pain is my pain
made from the same dust
we are the same
only us

in each circumstance, stand
dread naught
in the presence of all man
dread naught
giving everything you can
dread naught
all else is sinking sand

our children cannot hold our weight
prone to make the same mistakes
absent of divinity
still at work, the law of entropy
Track Name: Come the Mourning
hear this, royals and peasants
every woman and man
tell each generation that comes
so all may understand
a swarm of consuming evil
has cut and stripped every branch
a legion of locusts
has invaded the land

every field laid waste
every joy is gone

wretched. impure. lost.
infected heart. sickened core.

the light has now left my eyes
curse the day i was born
this decay has entered my bones
and now i burn

i cannot un-see this, i will not un-feel it
i am a man of unclean lips, of a people of unclean lips
though hands are lifted up, they will not be seen
though many prayers are offered, they will not be heard
my hands remain covered with the blood of the innocent

seething illness.
ruthless weakness.
grief so endless.

recognize this hideous truth:
we feed our children on an atmosphere of deception and corruption
our young raised into coldness and cruelty
among parents who are, ourselves, estranged from love
as we bind ourselves to transient vice -

dead fettered to living
in a union of souls
the strong shackled to foolish
young bound to the old
all to delusion
all to decline
all to decomposition
all to demise
Track Name: The Longest Walk
bir gün şu dünyadan göçüp gidersem
Track Name: Somnambulist, Awaken!
distant of all hope
the chill of death arrives
yet these wounded orbs
now see him
perceive him
like one who carries life

infinite oasis flows
from his hands
to dry lands
the thirsty, satisfied
this oculist, son-king, nears
and, reaching
into me,
comes flooding over me

mind’s programming has cracked
communichaos now hacked
buried deep under greed
they didn't know we were seeds

this shell, cleansed of disease
eyes clear, open to see
no longer forsaken
awakened to a restoration

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