Dark Gives Way

by jon simpson

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"Simpson’s music is inspiring... He offers well-crafted, thought-provoking songs with substance." - Kelly O'Neil

"Simpson’s smart lyrics and guitar-oriented instrumentation makes for a disc sure to please those who enjoy God-centered music... there’s the old show business saying: always leave the audience wanting more. And in the best possible way, Jon has done just that here." - Dan MacIntosh


released February 13, 2009

All songs written by Jon Simpson, copyright 2009 BugNog Music (ASCAP). Produced, performed, recorded, and mixed by Jon Simpson at Axiom Studio.
Mastered by Brad Blackwood at Euphonics Masters.
Album design by Dylan Higgins.
Photos of Jon by Andy Brophy.


all rights reserved



jon simpson Atlanta, Georgia

singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist... lover of life, learning to live... have guitar, will travel...

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Track Name: Make Us One
Jon Simpson © 2009 BugNog Music (ASCAP)

we, the chosen sanctified
called into a glorious light
from the dark that had us bound
and though one body we should be
we exchange our unity
for fleeting pleasures of the self

yet our hope is found in You
the perfect Way, the Life, the Truth
and our desire is to be
a restored community

tear down these walls we've made
by our vain and selfish ways
sow compassion in our hearts
open eyes so we might start
to find beauty in us all
and forgiveness when we fall
unify us in Your love
o God, please make us one

a bond of true transparency
can pave a way of constancy
through the wilderness of doubt
sharing in our joys and pain
holding fast when none remain
choosing love over being right

and just as You are three-in-one
Father, Holy Spirit, Son
work in us so we may be
realized in unity

if we've gained at all in Christ
if His love has changed our lives
then through it all we'll be
standing hand in hand
we say...

o unite us, Lord (x3)
make us one
Track Name: Olivia
Jon Simpson © 2009 BugNog Music (ASCAP)

olivia, there's still fire in your eyes
and the spark that lit them's yet within your heart
olivia, won't you dance your fear away
though missteps and stumbles echo in your past
if you'll listen then i'd like the chance to say

if you fall
you'll fall to the stars
and you need no man to catch you
cause you're moving in a masterwork of grace
so wherever you are
remember love is waiting
to hold you in a safe and warm embrace
and to wipe away the stain of darker days

olivia, you've got songs to sing
songs of freedom and of hope for brand-new starts
olivia, don't you ever let them win
you may think that you've got reasons to give up
i believe that you've got more to not give in
Track Name: The Borderline
Jon Simpson © 2009 BugNog Music (ASCAP)

above the waterline
exposed for all the world to view
we place out cautiously
a piece of me, a piece of you

but diving down below
the placid surface of the deep
reveals the secret things
security we work to keep

i'm standing on the borderline
where hearts engage, where thoughts entwine
and i'm calling, i'm calling
come share some time, commune with me

hidden from our eyes
with masks we carefully conceive
believing we disguise
our desperate state, how great our need

oh how long until “me” turns to “you”
and away from the pride that turns time to more wasted hours
our future depends on what we choose
we've got everything and nothing left to lose

meet me on the borderline
where hearts engage, where thoughts entwine
and i'm calling, i'm calling
come share some time, commune with me
Track Name: Altar
Jon Simpson © 2009 BugNog Music (ASCAP)

the God Who makes us one, and spared not His own Son
holds back no good thing from those who trust in Him
He cares for rich and poor, gives peace in times of war
never fails to strengthen those who rightly live
all He has; all He is; all, He gives

Lord, make an altar of our lives
that every people, tongue, and tribe
would come to know You and the life that's found in You
and may we place our lives at stake
while to You, God, this vow we make:
as our love is evident in how we live
all we have; all we are; all, we give

our Father's heart of love sends blessings from above
but not for what we so often use them for
so let's set the captives free and help the ones in need
love the loveless, teach the wounded to forgive
all we have; all we are; all, we should give

now confronted with the cross, we consider all else loss
for the sake of One Who died and rose to save
all He had; all He was; all, He gave

all we have; all we are; all, we give
all we have; all we are; all, we give
Track Name: Daysong (My Only You)
Jon Simpson © 2009 BugNog Music (ASCAP)

as daylight breaks
and dark gives way to amber hues
illuminating eastern skies
You hear my voice
and i will lay out my requests
in expectation as i rise

all i want and
all i need, just
satisfied in
none but You

when night has come
and drawn its canopy of stars
behind the moon's reflected light
as my thoughts weigh
on Your unfailing love, so may
this be my song at eventide

all my hopes and
all my dreams, laid
at Your feet
my only You

though sorrow plague me through the night
laughter dawns with morning's light
Your faithful presence rescues me
my offerings of ash and rust
this season traveled dust to dust
You weave it all into a priceless tapestry

with all my heart
with all my soul
with all my mind
with all my strength
Track Name: Kingdom Come
Jon Simpson © 2009 BugNog Music (ASCAP)

i'm finding out there are things that i thought i knew
that are better unlearned
because they've only served to blind me and keep me from
everything for which i've yearned

like an instrument silent so long it believes that it hasn't a song
i've been chained by the thought that whatever i've got's not enough

if i love any lie let it break this heart of mine
if it's gripped in my hand slip it through like grains of sand
'cause i don't want it if it's not part of Your Kingdom come

are we spending our time on things that don't matter now
not that they ever did
have we finally resigned that what's broken will never change
and in turn never live

every thing that we do in the life that we pursue
all means nothing if it's not fixed on what's lasting and true, so...

come throw wide the doors to reality
only the truth will set us free

no more time for games - not a wasted life
no more empty words - bring the dark to light
everything that i am, everything that i'm not
everything that i lack, everything that i've got
has been given by You, may for Your fame alone it be used
Track Name: Supranatural
Jon Simpson © 2009 BugNog Music (ASCAP)

expanse displayed
in windswept skies
of azure, reaching
far beyond our eyes
You are there
You are there
in storms of power
terrible and strong
in desert stillness
and sparrow song
You are there
You are there

oh the wonders of You on display
unspoken truth spoken each day
creation cries out to Your glory
every moon, every star, every planet in space
every rainbow's reminder of grace
all creation cries out to Your glory

in vivid colors
that overwhelm,
mere echos of
another realm
You are there
You are there
from depth of oceans
to mountain heights
in brilliant noonday
and dark of night
You are there
You are there
Track Name: Antidote
Jon Simpson © 2009 BugNog Music (ASCAP)

could we only for a moment envision new reality
the broken of creation righted into what can truly be

what if hate held no attraction, we stopped seeking who to blame
and egos and our self-importance made our heads hang in shame
what if every conversation was a love song to a friend
and fiercest rivals turned to allies, bringing wars to end

still we live in days of wonder, but our times are filled with pain
will we turn away the antidote for this broken world, for our broken hearts
that's calling out our name

what if leaders used their power to alleviate despair
instead of using and abusing those entrusted to their care
what if every life was sacred, every person truly free
what if no one ever prospered corrupting liberty

while the world waits by in hunger, we've kept our bellies filled to pain
when will we recognize the antidote for our broken world, for the broken heart
shares our very name
Track Name: Highest Praise
Jon Simpson © 2009 BugNog Music (ASCAP)

oh, my God, the wonder of
Your mercy stirs my soul
no learned words, no sweet refrain
could honor You alone

You deserve my highest form of praise
a life that's lived in You for all my days
a heart that burns for righteousness and grace
You deserve everything
so may i always bring
my highest form of praise

all my thoughts and all my deeds
lay bare before Your throne
still You recall my feeble frame
and claim me as Your own

my highest form of praise
my life is only Yours for all my days
let my heart burn with righteousness and grace
You deserve everything
so may i always bring
my highest form of praise

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