by jon simpson

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A few unsolicited reviews of Alchemy:

"this thing SLAMS!"

‎"Jon Simpson's new LP is CRUSHINGLY good. check him out, and hold your breath for this new record."

‎"If you're looking for a rock album that begs to be pumped in your car with the windows rolled down while you shout the lyrics at the top of your lungs, your search ends here. Jon Simpson's Alchemy is guaranteed to kick your teeth to the back of your throat... and I mean that in the best way possible. With the perfect balance of huge drums, pulverizing guitars, and vocals that flow straight from the heart, Jon delivers a tour de force of rock excellence."


released September 10, 2011

Written, produced, performed, and recorded by Jon Simpson at Axiom Studio
Lead guitar on "All I'm Asking" and "Overcome" by Gino Quinn
Mixed by J. Hall
Mastered by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters
Art direction, Photos, and Design by Clay Parker

All songs published by BugNog Music (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



jon simpson Atlanta, Georgia

singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist... lover of life, learning to live... have guitar, will travel...

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Track Name: All I'm Asking
Jon Simpson © 2011 BugNog Music

i have chased the habitual and shunned uncertainty like disease
i have practiced the art of gain and shared the dream of living in ease

but each high is quickly fleeting, and emotions soon to fade
every progression returns to dust and trust in those has now been betrayed

still You alone are the One Who holds
the words of life – where else can i go
when all is gone i'll be holding on
to my only hope

there is one thing that i desire
and i need no more
to love and look on You all my days
it's what i'm asking for
You're all i'm asking for

i have followed too many roads to find the way that leads me back home
i have taken too many loves to fill the empty ache in my soul

but You alone are the One Who holds
my future and saved me through my past
and beyond all doubt my heart is crying out
to be found holding fast
Track Name: Offering
Jon Simpson © 2011 BugNog Music

before the moment i was born, You knew me
all my days were open to Your eyes
every single breath i take, You give me
You are my life

Your Shepherd voice has called me from the lowlands
from the comfort of all i have known
to steal away off to a mountain kingdom
'twill be my home

and if You're everything to me
if You are everything to me

i don't want to offer anything that costs me nothing
may everything i bring be a sacrifice of sorts
for could ever anything that i might give
be truly seen as loss when given to You, Lord?

You've set the path i'm meant to walk before me
and suffering and sorrow as my guides
with just a single word of call, You've promised
You're at my side

and though the way is steep and i am fearful
the seed of love You've planted spurs me on
to heights where crippled feet and twisted visage
will all be gone
Track Name: Enemy
Jon Simpson © 2011 BugNog Music

i can't believe what i heard you saying
did you listen to the words that left your mouth
a wink and a nod like it's truth you stated
like everyone knows but you pointed it out

you got out your brush and painted one of creation
that you didn't know from a hole in the ground
and based on a single piece of information
delivered a verdict that's beyond all doubt

you know we brandish tongues of fire
and we wield them oh so well
we are the ones who should be different
awakened in grace, but i can't tell
with a fist closed tight in bias
we leave the open hand untried
while all of this time believe we're right
when we decide, “here comes the enemy”

consider the weight of the stone in your hand
and the poison on the arrows you've flown
consider a look into the eyes of a stranger
if you can see beyond the log in your own

consider the darkness as you look in the mirror
of every place that you've hid within
consider the depth of the love that has saved you
that you posses no lesser sin

really it's no surprise how we can justify
we're so skillful excusing ourselves in every lie

just so it's said i'll be the first to admit it
i recognize that i'm a lot like you
but we've got to gain some new perspective
stop saying we love if it isn't true
Track Name: A Braver Place
Jon Simpson © 2011 BugNog Music

he couldn't bring himself to apology
and so it drifted away on his words
self-preservation, the priority
always a question of what we will serve

oh - we hold a lot of insecurity
oh - we carry so much fear in our hearts

what are we supposed to do
when trust is hard to find and so easy to lose
and our union is broken without so much as a fight
how are we supposed to win
if every bridge that we build keeps crumbling in
and we'd rather protect our wounds than bring them into the light

she thought she'd found a friend of integrity
and a promise of love that was pure
but the thorns of doubt-tangled memories
strangled everything that was sure

if only we could learn each seed we sow brings its return
and a risk and can lead to treasures more than gold
might we push all dread aside and love enough to swallow pride
to discover a braver place within our souls
Track Name: In Lieu of the Break
Jon Simpson © 2011 BugNog Music

annaleise says with a sigh on her lips,
“this season has taken its toll
i've been locked in a battle of wills
with the world in a war for control

“see, all this time i've wanted to be
someone i haven't been yet
and i don't remember all that i've learned
but i hope that i never forget:

“'as far as i can see'
is not so far, but i'm trying to be
just a bit more wide awake
to give all this day's going to take
to bend now in lieu of the break”

annaleise says, “it's hard to explain
and i don't quite understand why
but the moment i made the choice to let go
was the moment i grabbed onto life

“there've been too many years when my best-laid plans have
only brought my dreams to the ground
so i won't go back to the way things have been
or the lies that were holding me down

“there is so much more than what i've settled for
and i can't ignore this unrest screaming in me anymore, though...

“'as far as i can see'
is not so far, but i'm trying to be
just a bit more wide awake
to give all this day's going to take
to cast off the crooked and fake
to rest in the rhythm of ache
to bend now in lieu of the break”
Track Name: Overcome: Prelude
Jon Simpson © 2011 BugNog Music

all common sense would have me come undone
on hands and knees at just Your name
yet somehow almost paralyzed
at ease in this state i despise
i stay close to unmoved by what i claim
Track Name: Overcome
Jon Simpson © 2011 BugNog Music

wonder, Your words elicit awestruck wonder
Your wisdom resonates like thunder
dispelling ignorance and lies

ages, Your nature's steadfast through the ages
Your spirit fixed on history's pages
unchanging through eternity

all life and breath are Yours
to give or take, within Your power
with just a word the earth gives way
and mountains cower

so how can i not be overcome?
this is not a heart of stone
that's been placed inside my chest
that beats in desperation's time
that yearns to see the hand divine
draw me deeper into You

fire, Your passion rages like a fire
Your love is jealous with desire
relentless in its aim for me

Your covenant, a bond
no angel, demon, man may sever
while nations rise and fall
Your Kingdom lasts forever

what more shall i say? so many words fall
short in meaning; would this dam to break
that holds my soul restrained
Track Name: Stronger Than Death
Jon Simpson © 2011 BugNog Music

like a wave the deluge hit us
sent us reeling as the flood came rushing in
thought the dark might suffocate us
underneath the weight of all that could have been

and right now it seems ironic
that the impetus of pain
would be the one thing that remains,but

love is stronger than death
it gives hope to the weak and the weary the same
as air for the breath
though our hearts still suffer in this pain
and these tears are not gone, life will rise like the dawn
'cause love is stronger than death

so rest your head upon this promise
wrap your arms around this truth
let your soul flow with emotion
grieve the way you need to do

while in our brokenness we wonder
how our hearts can feel this pull:
at once so empty and so full

see love burns like fire - an unquenchable flame
and this river of sorrow we're in cannot wash it away
Track Name: Alchemy
Jon Simpson © 2011 BugNog Music

through shadow and water, a process to alter
illumines this clouded soul to see
the hold of delusion and points of confusion
are becoming clearer to me

is this some alchemy
that's working change in me
and could this truly be
what we're reaching for

eyes that have strained to find the sun
are now opening
hands that have only held the dust
now connecting with eternity

my philosopher's stone is the key that now ends this
ephemeral state of entity
though outward i'm dying, inside, a reviving from what is
to what is to be

the turn of a life from base to gold - inconceivably
the fragments of man becoming whole - all transfigured in a mystery
Track Name: Sound It Out
Jon Simpson © 2011 BugNog Music

lift up your heads, all you in chains
you fettered, yoked to lives of shame
freedom has come to you this day
all wounded ones, all you who mourn
all bruised and beaten, broken, torn
mercy has come to you this day

sound it out - let doors be opened
sound it out - all chains be broken
sound it out - truth be spoken to this land... sound it out

all blinded eyes in need of sight
perceiving neither dark nor light
vision has come to you this day
each worried soul, all you who fear
anxious behind a brave veneer
Love has come to you this day

sound it out - mothers and fathers
sound it out - you sons and daughters
sound it out - the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand

test the heights, plumb the depths
scan the breadth beyond all knowing
love extends still further on - taste and see
there is hope in a name
there is life in a life given
love has triumphed over darkness – taste and see

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